Wang Han (China)
WANG Han was born in 1977 in a rural area of Hebei Province. Since her studies, she has been immersed in the urban lifestyle of few big Chinese metropolitan areas marked by rapid changes and excessive consumption. She is a graphic designer and a photographer.
Passionate for a long time about art and photography, she has had the chance, several years ago, to meet the artist MO Yi. She has establish privileged relationships with him which lead her to improve her photographic approach. Photography is a way for her to renew her attention and her gaze on sometimes unrecognized things and to find reference points to which she is attached. Her attraction for photography becomes stronger with the necessity, at mature age, to articulate more distinctly a personal discourse on her life, her hopes, the Chinese society and its evolutions and her interest in European cultures. She thinks that photography is a medium that can develop greater attention to human condition.She had exhibitions in China and France.



Gallery Echiquier