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Marianna Armata (Canada)

Marianna is a full time freelance graphic designer who is passionate about photography. She enjoys challenging herself with macro nature as well as urban subjects. 

In recent years, Marianna’s genuine passion for the natural environment, her eye for beauty in both man-made and natural settings, and her mastery of photography as art have created an alloy that speaks (wordless) volumes about the harmony that can – and must - exist in our modern world between man and nature. 
She combines her two passions: design and photography in her conceptual photo-collages, which can be seen in her Behance portfolio: 

* 2014 Winner of the 7th Annual International Colour Award in Architecture and Silhouette categories:
• 2014 Communication Arts Illustration Competition: Award of Excellence:
• One Eyeland Photo Competition: Finalist, 2013 Fine Art Category
• Black & White Spider Awards: 2 Nominee in 2013 Fine Art & in Still Life categories
• Master's Cup photo contest: 2nd Place "Merit of Excellence" in the 2012 Portrait category
• Canadian Wildlife Federation: 1st Place in Flora category of “Reflections on Nature” photo competition  
• Canadian Geographic Magazine: Photo Published in their special edition on Canada's National Parks (
• 1st place Winner of Montreal Mycological Society's 60th Anniversary photo competition, creative category 2010
• Lakeshore Camera Club's 2013 and 2014 Photographer of the Year + winner of 25+ competitions between 2009 and 2014
• Finalist in the 2009 - 2014 SPPQ (Quebec's) Inter-club photo competitions

marianna armata

514 653 2535
skype: marianna.armata