Biserko Fercek (Croatia)
was born some 50 years ago in Zagreb, the main city of the Republic of Croatia, where I finished my education and where I live at the moment. By education I am a construction engineer so that my formal job has nothing to do with my hobby. But never the less photography was and always will be my greatest hobby ever since my childhood days.
My grad school teacher was also a great fan of photography so she was looking for children who showed talent in photography, and You
could consider that as a beginning of my photo career. It was the time of two-eyed Russian cameras, movies in middle format, first expositions and learning the basics. In that time it was hard to get any literature in my country about photography. It was my great wish to go to a photography school but it wasn’t a great future investment at that time so under the influence of my parents I didn’t enroll that school. Later in high school I passed on to a 35mm camera with exchangeable objectives, also my first Russian development machine and later on to some German types as well. It were purely black and white photos and the inability to obtain colored photographs turned me away from my hobby for a great number of years. Everybody was talking only about colored photography, everything was expensive and new and I found some other hobbies. With the appearance of Commodore and ZX Spectrum computers became my new obsession and on my friends Amiga then later on my own PC I started working on graphic design. I saw Photoshop for the first time when I started using Windows OS during the early 90s. When DSLR cameras became cheaper I started to take photography seriously again.Things filled each other out and so I combined my computer knowledge with photography. Obviously Photoshop was the link between the two. I am a great fan of blur and in my work I use all sorts of different objectives that allow that kind of effect. Those are TS and Tilt objectives, Lens Baby in several versions and some “plunger” home made objectives. I love filtering photos, using all sorts of textures, and I even think I made my own recognizable style. My wife and I love traveling so its not uncommon that we travel to distant countries just to make photos.I put my work online on several web pages, but I would like to point out ArtLimited as the best one. I had a few exhibitions, won several photo contests, and my work has been published in many photo journals



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