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Jean Veneau (France)

I have to thank Mr Logereau, teacher in the sixties in my secondary school, for having been attracted by the universe of photography. I need to thank him, because now I spend most of my time to take photos and print them with enlarger or printer, with still so pleasure. He was a modern teacher because he had use new concepts to make very different kinds of visual artistic representations. For example, by collage he has showed us how to cut out some particular pub pages in fashion magazines, for generating geometric figures or various combinations of curves, and harmonized colors. At this time, I was already a good draftsman, which has served me much later in my career. I began photography with an Agfa Silette Record camera and rapidly, it became not enough.
I bought my first Nikon in 1968 with my brother and all our savings coming from summer jobs. Some years after, I had the opportunity to make progress through the 6x6 format with my first Rolleiflex SL66. Both are still by my side, and the Rollei is currently very often in use . In the 70’s, I join with some friends of my engineering firm, my first society of photography (club photo). There I met our first driving force, our leader, Dominique Gaessler. Later he will become professor at the French photographic academy of Arles. His teaching was very profitable. He taught us how to work well with Black and white films (Kodak Tri-X) and he taught us how to proceed for a good film development, and also how to print contrast pictures (AGFA Brovira paper). At this time, I had already discovered all my favorites photographers : Jean-loup SIEFF, henri Cartier Bresson, Edward Weston, Ralph Gibson, E. Boubat, W. Ronis, Guy Bourdin, Gilles Caron, Raymond Depardon, Sebastiao Salgado, Nils Udo, and so many others. But Jl Sieff and HCB styles were a great influence on my way of seeing things and people. In 1991 I bought a Leica M6 and I met JL Sieff during one of his exhibitions near Paris. It was a real good time with exchange of views. He signed my JLS book titled “Demain le temps sera plus vieux”. A very instructive meeting, so impressive and interesting…. .But too short. During all these years I always printed Black and white or colors pictures myself, in my own darkroom, even when my bathroom which is transformed for the job. My enlargers are Beseler 67C and recently 45MXL with a "seagull head", for 4x5 negatives because last year I acquire a Cambo Master PC 4x5 inch. It’s just the beginning of a new adventure. As you will discover in my gallery, in my photos, I try to catch instantaneous moments, when people are in unusual situations as if the time had been stopped. I also like the light of some particular landscapes, photo studio, or intimate portraits. If I can, I try to engage myself in many types of photography, where the eye must master all of the scene, and convey the emotion of the moment. Taking pictures and showing them, generates for me, and I hope so for you too, nice moments of emotion.



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