Sead Seferovic (United kingdom)

Biography: I am a photographer/artist based in the UK.
I put my heart and soul into my work and travel the world in search of moments of beauty. I strive to capture memories and create works that produce an elevated aesthetic and emotional state. I strive for intense colours, wide variety of situations and above all an eye for precise detail. I oprerate in the fields of “travel photography”, “street photography” and “nature/landscape photography”. However I strive to be original at all times and to give something more than just photography that can be bracketed into a genre or type. Each and every one of my works must have some kind of meaning or to represent something that might be important to me or the viewer before I publish a photograph on my website or Instagram page. All that is important to me is the image in and of itself, on its own terms. I will always try to do something different with every photograph. I give it my all and develop each my photographs over time to give them the maximum potential. I work relentlessly and go all the way. It’s the only good life there is.


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