Sead Seferovic (United kingdom)

Biography: ARTISTS STATEMENT : Elements of Nature. 2009/2016

I am working on a project which is using the naked female form to explore our relationship with our natural and man-made environment and that of political,
financial, and religious institutions to us.

We live on a beautiful blue sphere, magically and gracefully floating through outer space, blissfully ignorant of the relationship between our actions and the future well being of our planet. We have come through the centuries growing evermore confident and arrogant in the belief that as a race we are indestructible.

Blinded by our industrial and technological power, we have forgotten the delicate nature and frailty of our human bodies, and ceased to relate to and respect, the equally delicate natural world in which we live.

Some have added personal greed to their profile and in seeking El Dorado have left social and economic devastation in their wake. Others hiding in the cloisters
of religious institutions and in deference to ancient texts, continue in their attempts to deny the females of our species their right to full equality and status in all aspects of life.

The landscape of this planet is our home. For thousands of years it has
offered us security, comfort, food, and materials with which to provide shelter, heat and industrial and technological development. In return we suck out its life blood and desecrate its surface with the polluted remains of our relentless alchemic pursuits.

Despite our history of famine, suppression and mass emigration to better lands,
we are failing to return to those who are now sharing our past experience,
the welcome which we wished for and sometimes experienced, as we landed
uninvited on foriegn shores. In the centenary of our escape from
colonial domination, we are becoming obsessed with the fantasy of Celtic
Heritage, to the exclusion of others, ignoring the idea of Global Heritage and
the fact that we have all - Come out of Africa.

My work, by contrasting the texture and form of the female body, shorn of tribal clothing and the trappings of technological gizmos, with that of our natural
and man-made world, is intended to remind us of our vulnerability, as well as our strenghts as a species. And reinforce the fact that we need and will not survive without planet Earth, but it will happily live on without us.

Eamonn Farrell 2016


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