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Yannis Prappas ( Greece)
Born and living in Athens Greece, I was interested in the plastic arts from early age. I begun shooting at the age of sixteen with a small Kodak Instamatic automatic camera.
All these years, I can assure you they are many, I was always in close relation with photography.
Two great evolutions made my relation with photography even stronger. Internet and digital technology.

Digital photography is cheep, We don't have to pay for films, papers, chemicals for developing and printing photos. We press the button and ...the image is ready for processing !
The impact of Internet is even stronger. No need to find and buying expensive books or magazines.
The frontiers of communication are gone. We are only a few clicks far from the work of the gret masters of photography and of all those extremely talended photographers over the net.
Many of them had a great infuence on my way of seeing through my camera.

So I keep shooting. I try to descover what is hiden behind the obvious. I try to capture atmosphere, mystery, temper or simply the beauty behind things. I don't know if I manage to do that, but I feel that the journey is more important than its end.


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