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Michel Plante (France)

Born in the Gascon land betweeen the Cathares and D'Artagnan, I followed early my father who was a talented self-taught photographer in love with the Pyrénées. About ten years ago, my work, so far black and white, swerved away from reality ( if there's such a thing in photography ). Colour was natural and essential to this work: reach the essence of plants, faces and bodies through a process of transformation and simplification. Then, still in the same line, I resumed black and white photography because of the landscapes of Gers, where I now live ( a few kilometres from my native village, the circle is closing ). I am fascinated by the geometrical beauty of the fields and hills, a perfect fusion between a willingly tamed nature and men's mark. I keep trying to reach the essence of this nature which remains free and permanent below the furrows. I stongly feel that only black and white can express that truth. To be able to render this, I use silver print processes with digital tools. I keep working on my research, which obviously leads to abstraction, a common path for many artists, famous or anonymous. It’s a life work, made up of experimentations, errors, trials, learning, sometimes success ….. a never-ending quest.



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