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Olga Vlasova (Russia)

I am the nonprofessional photographer though in recent years the photo became my passion and a part of the life. I am a programmer, but always loved art. In the childhood I was engaged in a drawing circle, sang in chorus. I play a guitar and a flute. I visit theaters, exhibitions, concerts. My bent for to art is now embodied in the photo.
I got acquainted with a genre a still life when was engaged at photoschool . We studied light statement on objective shooting, and then I felt for the first time charm of this process. My first attempts were absolutely helpless, but in process of mastering by technical skills, I opened for myself beauty and nobility of subjects in their interrelation more and more Exhibitions, books, the Internet, acquainted me with a new wonderful world which I didn't notice earlier

For still-life photographers subjects – the most important making their creativity. Things with history conceal in themselves something special, give rise images to the. Part of subjects to me got by inheritance, something is brought by acquaintances and relatives, something is given from trips and even I find on the street And still I became the frequenter of flea market . Any new subject can serve as a push for creation of an image. But the image often is born unexpectedly, intuitively. The inspiration which covers at still life statement, is similar to performance of the song. At some instant there is an internal understanding of that as it is necessary to make.

As the viewer I love different genres of the photo as the author found itself in a still life genre. The still life can be very various, - color and black-and-white, casual and production, modern and turned deep into stories. In search of harmony, balance of forces of an attraction and the pushing away, operating between subjects, you receive the real pleasure of creativity.


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