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Martin Zurmühle (Swiss)
Martin Zurmühle was born and raised in Lucerne, Switzerland. From high school, he went to the Technical University (ETH) in Zurich, where he graduated in architecture and began taking photographs with a zeal that has lasted thirty years and taken him into every possible field: nature, landscape, architecture and travel.
Zurmühle is something of a polyglot, dividing his time among various pursuits, as an architect still, an auditor for quality management systems, as a tutor in planning and project management and as a teacher of nude and portrait photography at his digital studio in Ebikon (,
It would seem that with so many diverse pursuits,  Martin Zurmühle would have no free time, but a busy man always finds more time and Martin devotes his to the role of president of nudeART (, the union of nude photographers in Switzerland.
As a professional architect, Zurmühle appreciates and understands form, proportions, structures and light.
"For me, photography, architecture and art are related," he says. "But in nude photography there is a fantastic play with emotions. Nobody is indifferent to these pictures. Everybody sees something different, depending on their own experience of life. Sometimes the border is narrow, but this makes it all the more interesting.


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