Osamu Jinguji (Japan)

Biography: Osamu Jinguji is a photo artist and a creator in Japan. His career by them has re-started since his first poetry-photo book has been published in 2009. After that, he has been ever participating in a lot of group exhibitions, art fairs in New York (ex; SCOPE), in Spain (ex; ARTEANDO) and in Germany (ex; BERLINER LISTE), etc. Also, his works***, for the last several years and at many countries, have been featured on a variety of Art Web Magazines including 'The Arte Fotografica' (Portugal) and so on. In this February of 2014, they have finally appeared in the PhotoVogue Collection (A collaboration w/ VOGUE Italia) at Art +Commerce in NY. Osamu Jinguji’s current photo art style can be strictly defined as ‘BORDERLESS (No Border)’ a word which encapsulates the following 7 concepts: 1. A renaissance of the soul2. Symbiosis with all this world’s phenomena3. The eternal conflict with time and space in the universe4. Beat myself, beat my core and beat my existence5. Resistance against all invisible pressures6. Warning against the hegemony of civilization, science and fashion7. One love in Chaos Specialization: Black and White, Street, Abstract, City Life, Architecture, Conceptual, Portrait, Doll, Performer, Live & Stage, etc. ***The amount of Osamu Jinguji's works : 3,443 stuffs dated 21-Jan-2015 (4th-May-2010 ~)



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