Erich Reichel (Slovakia)

Biography: My name is Erich Reichel. I was born and live in the city of Prešov in Slovakia. I love the photo and photography. My main focus of this activity is a photograph of the street environment. I'm trying to preserve moments town or street view from my mind as I perceive these moments. Mostly viewed the whole, but also creates images of various moments of street life and street. I very much experimental, have different ways of photography, multi-exposure, and the like. I say that I paint the camera. I was influenced by black-and-white photos and films from the 50s and 60s. I admire the work of photographers and filmmakers these times. Perhaps even their elements and their impact is somewhat reflected in my photos. Mainly I try to create a special atmosphere and spirit of the photos. I take pictures wherever I have the opportunity. I have several awards and medals from competitions FIAP, several joint exhibitions and several publications in various magazines around the world. But most important for me is a passion and love for photography, which I have in my heart.


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